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Reference list template is often used for the formal writing in education field such as writing thesis, dissertation, or even report task where it needs reference at the end or before the attachment. You are able to find some kinds of reference form, or even when you are in university, you have to write you r thesis or dissertation; there will be a guidance to write the reference list. It might be based on the fields you are taken in the university. One of the famous and widely-known reference lists is APA style.

APA style reference list templateCome to think of reference list format, the general form of the format is the author’s name in last name as the first, the year of the book, the title of the book in italic, the location especially city, and the last is the publisher. Therefore, the in text form of the reference list can be the author’s last name which should be written, then the year in bracket and the page where you quote the statement.

In APA style, you are able to find various form of reference list whether it is for the bibliography or to be written in the text. APA reference format is used to cite the author’s statement and put it into the text you are written. There are different kinds of source that is summarized in the APA style that is usually used in citing a quote. Periodical: journal, magazine and newspaper article; book and reference book; bible or other classical works; personal communication; motion pictures and videos; specific part of source; and other electronic resources are some sources which are included in this APA style.

APA style reference has the general form with some guidance for the use in periodical and the specific form such as for one, two, three, three to five, and more than five authors or even seven authors. You can also find the guidance of writing the quotation for article in compilation, edited books, entry of encyclopaedia and many more. The general form is author is the first where the last name is written as the first name in the reference list, then the year of the book in bracket, title of the article or book, periodical for article, location, and publisher for the book reference.

Resume reference template is different with reference list used in the written form of education field. This resume reference is usually used to provide a resume of potential employer which means that this reference is used in the company field. In the reference, you have to write full contact of information as like full names, title, and company. Other information that you can put is address, phone, and email. You can also write the title as like Mr., Mrs., or Ms. Or the post-nominal letter such as PhD, MD, CPA or other kinds. Consistency in writing the resume reference, especially the format, should be considered where you have to make sure that you to check all the things needed to be included with correct information.

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APA style reference list template
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