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Tracking your Expenses by Using Check Register Template

Check register template is also called cask disbursements journal which is a record of cash and check transaction. This will help you to check the balance of your checking account since the bank statements in not updated with the current information of your finance. You can record the transaction you make by recording the spending and the receiving cash in the check register. For a business, there are some categories added in the column in check register. They are check number or category, date of transaction, description or notes, payment or debit, deposit or credit, and the last is account balance. Check-book can be use for this or you can make check register on paper or computer.

check register templateTalking about check book register, there are some mistakes that are usually happen when keeping check-book. Forgetting to record each transaction and forgetting to record it at the time happen are the common mistakes many people do. The bank will monthly give you some information of the check or ATM withdrawal or debit or card payment. Remember that when your keep more money in your account than you spend for every month, it will be safe. When your balance is low, you have to make sure that you know exactly how much money you spend for that month and the money you actually have.

If you are trying to make check-book, you can make it printable check register. It will be much easier because you can use it repeatedly and just have to adjust the little thing you have. Word format might be the best choices if you want to make it. Table is the things that you need and you can add as much as you want for the check-book depends on your need. To make it more detailed, you can use a specific layout and choose a colour format in order to make it easier to differentiate one row to another.

Then, what about the balance checkbook and how to do it? The first thing is you have to re-calculate the balance in your account regularly. Then, reconcile the check-book you have with the bank statement when it arrives by comparing the check register you have and the bank statement also check again which transaction have cleared. If you find some mistakes, you can correct the mistakes in the check-book by double checking it and looking for the missing transaction.

As the finishing of the balance, once everything is done and balanced after you check it, you can give double line under the balance amount in your check register. Check-book register template might be confusing at the first time and when you do not know how to use it, but when you have done it one time and know the way to use it, it will be much easier for you to check all the expenses you do and the saving money you have. You can use paper as a balance check if you feel easier than the printable one and give a check mark next to item that you find after checking if it is also included in the bank statement.

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