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Formal Design of Business Letter Template

Business letter template might only be a letter which deals with the business in simple definition. It can be written to the managers or employee or even clients or prospective customers. This kind of letter has to target the specific individual or group and has to have the clear purpose and the specific objective. There are many purposes for the use of business letter, such as sales efforts where it is used to introduce the new product to the customer; relationship building where it is used to appraise or thanks the business associates or even customers, selling incentive sales, for offering rebates, coupon, or special deals to the loyal customers.

business letter templateBusiness correspondence is the exchange of the information in written format in the business activities process. It might be between organizations, within organizations, or even between customers and the organization. There are three kinds of correspondence; they are business letter for the most formal method of communication with various types based on the content; email for the latest formal method of business communication; and memorandum which is used for internal communication that is usually sent to several people in a team or single person. And then, let’s take a look deeper about the business letter and the detail of it.

Actually, business letter format might vary, but, here are some parts in standard format for any kind of business letter: letter head which usually should adjust the margins; name and address, date, reference, salutation, subject matter or body, closing, signature, typist initials, and enclosures. Then, you have to choose the styles which have three kinds such as block, modified block, and semi-block styles. In writing this letter, you have to consider and pay attention to the fonts used and size. Times New Roman with font size of 12 is the common recommendation when you are going write business letter because you are representing your company.

There are three big parts of business letter which are heading and greeting, body, and closing. It is not so different with formal letter format. Here are the parts of the formal letter that should be included; sender’s detail which is sender’s address and telephone number at the top left hand side of the page; place and date below the sender’s address; recipient’s detail below the date with the job title, the company name below the name, then recipient’s street address one line next, then the recipient’s city, state, and zip code; salutation below it; write the body; sign off with appropriate salutation as like Your Sincerely, Sincerely, and Best; and the last is enclosure beneath the signature block or job title.

After you have done the writing of the letter, you have to do proofread by double checking the name, addresses and other important point of the letter. You will want to make sure that the writing is done briefly and clearly, along with proof-reading what you write to ensure no grammar errors. Professional letter format comes with the general format of the letter which is business letter is one of the kind. Related to the body of the letter, make sure that body of the letter usually take a paragraph or two or even several paragraphs.

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