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Bill of lading form is very helpful as a receipt letter of goods or materials for ship. Other than being used as a receipt letter, this form is very important because it can be used as a proof of ownership’s goods. The form is usually used for sign of contract for freight-age or load or cargo. Actually there is a different type of bill that can be used for sign of contract of airplane or train. The document has a good guarantee or security for goods or your important materials. In many ways, this form is able to make sure if the ownership has rightful authority over the goods.

bill of lading formThere are various kinds of bill of lading template, for an example received for shipment. This template shows if the goods or materials has already been received by the company and will be shipped as soon as possible. Another template is shipped on board. This form will be sent when the company has agreed or accepted the goods that will be sent, and this template will be used if the goods are already arranged in the ship. Short form, this bill can be used if this form already listed a short memo of goods that will be packed or arranged. There are also long form bill, through bill, and many more.

Other than those lading template such as shipped on bard, short form, and many more; there is also other kinds of template that can be considered as blank bill of lading. Blank bill shows indication if this bill don’t have specified recipient. This type of document shows a list of shipment’s goods or materials. It is contains the details of the shipment and carrier of the goods that will be given to the person or company that have a relation to the goods. It can also claim the ownership of the goods because it doesn’t have specification ownership for the goods and materials.

Bill of lading is the best way to ensure the security of the goods. There is also some of generic bill of lading. This lading will become your secure receipt sign of goods. This receipt sign will be received by the carrier and the sender is the courier or exporter. The destination of this bill is the consignee or the importer. The evidence of these goods like the document will ensure the owner or people who have this form are the ownership of the goods. The main function of this bill is as a proof of carriage agreement and the delivery of goods.

As an official bill of lading, this form also must follow the standard bill of lading. In this bill, there must have some conditions, among others the shipper, consignee, notify party, and carrier. The shipper, the function of this part is as a beneficiary for the goods. Consignee is another important part for this bill, because consignee is an important side that must know when the goods is already sent or received. Notify party, this is another part in the bill of lading; the main job of this part is as a notified or person who inform the position of the goods.

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